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Let’s just have fun all the time.

Thursday, October 9th 2008 by Pat

I did a handful of comics before we launched the Alaska Robotics site and I have about four or five of those I want to dust off and marry into the archives. I’m going to start posting them weekly in the time between my normal Monday releases. This first one still makes me smile wryly when I read it.

From my original post on Orphan Army – September 5th, 2006:

It’s fall in Alaska. People are packing up and heading south, relationships are imploding, and the sad lamps are coming out of storage.

Depression is fascinating. I thought I was depressed in college. It was cold, dark, and I wasn’t any good at calculus. There were a lot of days when I would decide I was just too depressed to go out and I would hide in my room and play Zelda. One day I realized that I didn’t need to be depressed to skip class and in actuality it was these little vacations that kept me happy.

One Response to “Let’s just have fun all the time.”

  1. Katrina says:

    Pat I have this trouble when I think I have some free time I should do something supper awesome and then end up sitting there not knowing what to do.