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Gray Skies

Saturday, January 11th 2014 by Pat


I usually prefer grey to gray, it just seems classier.

Wrecking Ball

Tuesday, January 7th 2014 by Pat

Announcing a limited edition print of Miley Cyrus riding a Bitcoin while drones fly overhead.

My homage to the year 2013.


I’m offering this 8″x10″ as a limited edition signed and numbered giclĂ©e print. The total number of prints will be determined by the number of sales and I’m only accepting Bitcoin.

The minimum amount is .04 BTC. If you decide to pay more, you’ll be prioritized with a lower print number and receive a matted print.

The .04 BTC payment includes worldwide shipping and I’m accepting orders through the end of January 2014.

Pay With Bitcoin

If any of that was confusing, let me know, I’d be happy to clarify.


Thursday, January 2nd 2014 by Pat


I played a bunch of Zelda over the holidays, “A Link Between Worlds” was a great addition to the series!

I love all the Zelda games, especially the part where Link must gain strength by devouring the hearts of his foes.

Mmm.. this snake has a delicious heart. Mmmm.. Zombie heart! Ghost heart! Omnom.. Ice statue heart! OoooOOOh.. crunchy skull with a heart in it! Ahhh.. most delicious fairy heart, like a tiny piece of candy. So many hearts!

Gull, Francolin & Murre

Tuesday, December 24th 2013 by Pat

Merry Christmas. I got you birds.



Monday, December 16th 2013 by Pat

Whew! It’s been way too long since I posted a comic, keeping myself busy with bear illustrations and Kickstarter projects.

I don’t know if it’s possible but maybe.. maybe.. maaaaaybe my New Years resolution will have something to do with making more comics.

Unfortunately, while well intentioned, my resolutions rarely seem to work. I think I’d better start with a year end’s resolution and see if I can wade through that. One comic a week for the rest of the year. That’s only two comics! I think that’s the kind of commitment I can handle!

ribs future

A Calendar with Bears on it

Tuesday, November 26th 2013 by Pat

You can now pre-order order A Calendar with Bears on it through our store, just click on the little dude below. If you’re in Juneau, come by the gallery next week during gallery walk and pick one up.

A Calendar with Bears on it on Square Market

The pages have little bear sketches and I tried to include all the fun holidays.

Calendar Sample


Here are a few more of the seasonal color illustrations.





… and even more in my previous post!

Bear Calendar

Saturday, November 23rd 2013 by Pat

I’m working on some new bear illustrations for a calendar. I’m getting close to done so I thought I’d share some of my progress. They’ll also be available as individual prints during the December Gallery Walk.

Snow Angelsm
folk bears

Draw from Reference with Will Terrell

Wednesday, November 6th 2013 by Pat

I really really enjoyed this video of a guy chortling and drawing sharks. It also includes some really important lessons for people trying to develop a better visual vocabulary.

Gallery Happenings

Monday, October 21st 2013 by Pat

This Saturday, October 26th, we’re having a Monster Drawing Workshop for kids and hosting our first ever Smash Brothers Tournament!

Read about this and more in our weird and irregular Alaska Robotics Gallery newsletter!

Fantasy Football

Friday, September 13th 2013 by Pat

I’ve always thought that Fantasy Football should be more fantastic. Here are my picks for the 2013 season.

In part this was just an excuse to draw some fan art. I don’t know if I’d actually want NFL SuperPro on my team but he seemed too dorky to leave out.

I should have also included MegaMan, Nightcrawler and Kitty Pride.