Alaska Robotics

The Crew

Sarah Asper-Smith

The Crew

Sarah lives on a cute houseboat down in the harbor and spends her time pursuing studies in design and color. She has studied Art History at Earlham College and attended the Eiseman Color Institue. In addition to working with print and apparel Sarah has experience with museum exhibit design and installation.

Sarah's independent design work can be found at Smack of Jellyfish where she sells her designs as cards, apparel and prints.

Dani Byers

The Crew

Dani Byers is a Juneau expatriate living in Portland, Oregon where she bakes cup cakes and eats cheap sushi.

She has studied painting, printmaking and drawing at the University of Alaska and The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts.

Dani illustrates the "Geek Fetish" comic strip and has more traditional work posted in her online portfolio.

Lou Logan

The Crew

Lou Logan is a founding member of the UAF Film Club and Juneau Underground Motion Picture Society. He was a co-host of The Alaska Short Forum and has created numerous short films. He bakes great bread, brews his own beer, and tells horrible jokes.

Bonny Mara

The Crew

Bonny Mara draws the Guilty Pleasures comic and creates all kinds of practical crafts. She spent several years in Juneau working for various do-gooder organizations and recently moved to Virginia to pursue her master's degree.

Mara also co-wrote and starred in "Dead Lovely," an upcoming Alaska Robotics film.

Pat Race

The Crew Patrick Race makes short films and illustrates the Alaska Robotics comic. He studied computer science at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and screenwriting at TheFilmSchool. He was named to Alaska's Top 40 Under 40 in 2006 and was a founding member of the Juneau Underground Motion Picture Society.

Aaron Suring

The Crew No one really knows anything about Aaron.