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Comic Con 2008

Tuesday, July 22nd 2008 by Pat

I forgot to mention I’m going to Comic Con. Actually, I just landed and I’m sitting in the San Diego airport.

Kazu Kibuishi invited me to come down and I couldn’t pass it up, so here I am brimming with joy and shaking with sleep deprivation.

It’s already been a good adventure, I met an illustrator from Rudy McBacon on my flight. In fact, I’d just said goodbye to Derek when the airline paged us both to tell us they’d lost our checked luggage.

Bag Guy: “Please describe your luggage sir.”

Me: “Uhmmmmm It’s a Raineer Beer box with sort of a lot of tape around it.”

Bag Guy: “What color is this box sir?”

Me: “Uhmmmmm It’s white and it has a big red R on it.”

Bag Guy: “Thank you sir.”

Me: “Also, there’s some fish in the box.”

Bag Guy: “Next.”

Also, I lost my hat but a really great guy with a giant mustache tracked me down and returned it.

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