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Babies on eBay

Friday, September 5th 2008 by Lou

Tortured baby

I bought a new power cable for a laptop computer on eBay.  When I opened the package there were two photos of a kid in a Mickey Mouse outfit.  This wasn’t one of the items listed in the description.  I asked the seller why the photos were sent and they replied with a single character, “?”.  Secondly, who would ever want to dress up their kid like this?  Now he may never become successful because I can blackmail him with embarrassing photos at anytime.

2 Responses to “Babies on eBay”

  1. Mike says:

    It’s you Lou. Nice try on the diversionary tactic. How appropriate in the political season to divert attention. Photo shopping was a great.Mike

  2. Alli says:

    Maybe they recycled the envelope? Maybe they meant to send the pics to the kid’s older brother for blackmailing purposes but put them in the wrong envelope? So strange!