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Back to School

Tuesday, September 16th 2008 by Pat

Today was my first day of school, Cayleigh and I are taking an intermediate drawing class out at the University this fall. I haven’t taken a proper art class since high school and it feels great to shake some rust off and start getting a little more academic about it all.

I’m feeling a little hung up on the Palin video. I want to drop in some stills so I’m trying to contact the state and a few news photographers. I’ve also been looking through some fair use guidelines and trying to decide if what I want to do qualifies. Hopefully I’ll get that part of things all wrapped up soon so I can post the film.

In other Palin related news, local cartoonist, TOE has published his Sarah Palin collection online.

One Response to “Back to School”

  1. Alli says:

    Thanks for the update on the Sarah Palin film. I am eagerly awaiting its release!!!