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Sarah Palin

Saturday, September 20th 2008 by Pat

I have a lot of mixed up feelings about this election. I really admire Sarah Palin for making such a ruggedly bootstrapped ascendancy almost overnight. It’s part of the American Dream, small town Alaskan girl becomes vice presidential candidate. I’m enamored with the idea and the achievement and rooting for the home team but I’m not taking the bait.

If Sarah Palin becomes vice-president, eventually president, it will make one hell of a story but I can’t bring myself to vote for her. Our country has been staggering around like a belligerent drunk for the past several years. We’re swilling oil, spending money we don’t have and tomorrow we’re going to wake up with a hangover and a brunette who looked a lot better the night before.

The new film isn’t critical of Palin, it’s just a look at how she became so popular in Alaska and why she might actually be able to stand out on the national stage.

Politics is just so absurd on so many levels. It’s really disheartening.. to the point of hilarity. Our country is intensely divided and it’s not even over a particular issue. We just decided to split in half and proclaim that everyone on the other side is wrong. I wish we could find our center again.

I read a comforting article about Alaska by Jim Albrecht.  It’s an excellent description of the strange neighbors, the touching humanity, and the long winter nights we all know so well.

“1) We don’t all have to agree about everything,  2) but we do all have to survive the winter.  If the Alaska of my childhood could be put on the stump, I believe that would be the content of its speech.”

-Jim Albrecht

It’s that kind of attitude we all need to find. We might not agree, but we’re here together and we may as well get along.

6 Responses to “Sarah Palin”

  1. Alli says:

    ps: I want those bumper stickers!

  2. sarah says:

    excellent. I’ve emailed everyone…

  3. Ryan says:

    awesome, the post, the video, everything.

  4. kitchenwitch says:

    Thanks for this… I’ve been wondering why her approval rating is so high. Can’t just be those checks… Keep up the good work!

  5. Jenny says:

    actually, most research shows that Americans are not as split on core issues as the media portrays … it’s just the presentation of division for excitement, and it feeds the rooting for teams and appearance of a schism. political parties are being played off against one another like sports teams.