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Forum of Young Alaskans

Wednesday, October 1st 2008 by Pat

The Forum of Young Alaskans takes place Saturday, October 4th.  The event is a statewide discussion for Alaskan youth ages 16-25 and will take place at UAS in the Glacier View room from 1-5pm.  The local forum will be connecting with other communities around the state through UATV and

The format will involve all the localized groups working along the same agenda and timeline. We’ll have a shared introduction to the event and process through a video feed. Then we’ll do some individual reflections and small group discussions which will feed into the online discussion area. Throughout the event we’ll be broadcasting video from different locations and, in the end, all the participating communities will report back and we’ll have a chance to hear what people talked about and worked on in their areas.

The small group work and discussions will be recorded in the online discussion area and then the data will be sifted through and presented on a website using tag clouds, Google Maps and whatever else we can create to aid in visualizing this statewide discussion.

My involvement has been primarily as a steering committee member but I’ve also been doing a lot of website work for the project. The past couple of days I’ve been working with the Google Maps API to develop the discussion dashboard and I’m basing some of the functionality on Twittervision.

Incidentally, this is the first post I’ve made from my new Ubuntu install.  Three of my five internal hard drives were beginning to deteriorate and I decided it would be a good opportunity to do some house cleaning and experiment with a new OS.  I’m still locked into Windows XP because of the Adobe Suite but I’m going to try to wean myself away and learn more about Linux since I have no desire to continue traversing Microsoft’s perilous upgrade tree.

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