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Google Maps Discussion

Saturday, October 4th 2008 by Pat

I’m getting ready for the Forum of Young Alaskans tomorrow.. err.. later this morning. Like usual, I’m up late crunching on some last minute detail work. It’s going pretty well, not at all like that time we started screened the first half of the film festival while Aaron was still working on recording the second half.

Most of my time on this project has been sunk into various website development holes, specifically, a big map of Alaska that tracks ongoing discussion. It’s based on the twittervision concept and pulls data from a bbPress discussion area.

I’m really proud of it, I actually don’t know how I made it. I went into a frothing twitch for three days and it was just there when I woke up.  You don’t have to click anything, just let the map wander around a bit. Check it out.

One Response to “Google Maps Discussion”

  1. Mike says:

    Pretty darn cool kid. I am very impressed with the communications alone compared to the Marconi Wireless and small planes, Dog Sleds. This is what you Young Alaskans are doing for the future as the geezers did in the day. To communicate for the good of the whole, exchange ideas, and understand regional differences. Help our state please it’s your turn. POPS!