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Damnit. I like Ted Stevens.

Tuesday, October 7th 2008 by Pat

Ted Stevens is a tough bastard and, despite being a popular villain, I have to really like the guy right now.

I just got done listening to the FBI tapes on the ADN Political blog and he sounds both smart and inspiring. I’ve listed to a lot of other video and audio recordings from the VECO investigations and Stevens makes that parade of greedy clowns look like a bunch of amateurs.

Bill Allen comes across as a bit of a sniveling douche bag but he probably just feels bad for selling out his friend.

STEVENS: I think they’re probably listening to this conversation right now, for Christ sake.

ALLEN: Well, they’re not supposed to be. Because this is uh, this cell phone, it’s… my lawyer went and, I got it so that I could talk, you know, on it. So…

The audio recordings are an incredible invasion of privacy but what a window into a person’s thought process and personality. Stevens has been vilified so much and it was good to hear him speak without any political bullshit clouding the context. It cut through the presumptions and second hand information.

Draw your own conclusions but as far as I’m concerned, the trial is over and Stevens wins.

8 Responses to “Damnit. I like Ted Stevens.”

  1. Mike says:

    I am of the same mind. Now let’s check out the other Senator’s in say Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Texas. Not Hawaii though because we are friends. Pops.

  2. RR Anderson says:

    Man. makes you feel sorry for the old guy. Ted Stevens has done so much for Alaska… it’s sad.

  3. Cedar Stark says:

    honestly a quarter of a million isn’t even that much money.

  4. Cedar Stark says:

    unfortunatly, Matt Dietriek is of the opinion that posting comments for other people that are not true are okay to post(matt and brant oliphant posted that) is a sorry display of how our politcal parties have degraded our sense of values…Although I would probably accept some benefits from my partners or clients because I am a fan of the barter system, I feel that Ted Stevens, as a United States senator, has abused his position and our trust because he represents a system of checks and balances….p.s. I have met many people that have met Ted and think he is a dick.

  5. Cedar Stark says:

    cedar just tried to bribe me

  6. Cedar Stark says:

    cedar eats poo

  7. Pat Race says:

    Hmmm.. Sounds like Cedar has multiple personality disorder.

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