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Email Catharsis

Thursday, October 9th 2008 by Pat

Three of my five hard drives have been doing the Danse Macabre so I decided to roll with it and start over from scratch. One of my replacement drives is a speedy little number that Lou donated and I’m using it for an Ubuntu install. I probably wouldn’t have even bothered reinstalling Windows XP but my Adobe Suite won’t run in Ubuntu and I thought it would be geekier to have a dual boot system sharing browser and email preferences.

This time around I’ve decided against installing any more Microsoftware than absolutely necessary, I’ve replaced MS Office with OpenOffice and MS Outlook with Mozilla Thunderbird. I’ve also used the transition to Thunderbird as a sort of email catharsis.

I’ve got the old crap backed up but I’m pretty much leaving it behind for the archeologists to deal with. I’m not declaring full out email bankruptcy, I just want to develop a better system for myself. I’m basing it loosely on the 43 Folders, Inbox Zero series which, by the way, seemed awfully lengthy for a site dedicated to productivity.

The New World

  • Disrespect – I realized that not every email should be treated as a precious gem. Emails is bitches.
  • Unsubscribe – I killed the persistent notices and newsletters that never get read or even skimmed.
  • Agro Spam – I install aggressive spam filters and updated the address book so it could serve as a better whitelist.
  • Reduce the Noise – Using message filters I routed any common notices (facebook, amazon, wordpress, etc.) to a “Noise” folder that I’ll check waaay less frequently than my inbox. I think I might also send anything with multiple recipients to that folder but we’ll see how it goes.
  • Delete – I have an “Archives 2008” folder that I can shelf at the end of the year but I’m trying to keep it light by deleting almost everything. I really have no excuse to save so much worthless junk and if I don’t get rid of it now I’ll be fated to live the life of this dude.

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