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Monday, October 13th 2008 by Pat

I found the dialogue of this comic scribbled in the margin of a sketchpad, I suspect it was hastily transcribed while listening in on a conversation between Aaron and Rob Roys.

These conversations are a one way street and they usually involve Rob reciting “fun facts” related to various burrowing parasites while Aaron shudders and makes disapproving noises.

I think this visceral response to the mention of tiny grubs wriggling around in his head is the sign of an active imagination and a healthy mind… just the type of fertile birthing ground a brain worm might seek out to spawn a legion of writhing larvae.

Rob has a show hanging at Annie Kaills featuring some of his latest work, no abstract brain worms but it’s still worth checking out. Hmmm.. My head itches. It’s probably just this wool hat and a lack of sleep.

One Response to “Brainworms”

  1. Cayleigh says:

    I would not recommend following the ‘burrowing’ or ‘parasite’ links. Gross.