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Monday, October 27th 2008 by Pat

Kazu posted a new Copper comic today! If you haven’t read Copper, then you’re in for a treat, it’s a pocket out of time, a little eddy in the river.

“…this comic taught me to tell a story from beginning to end. It taught me to use colors. It taught me to build a better website. It introduced me to other online artists who became my good friends, and among them I found my loving wife. It provided the foundation for what became Flight, and my first Flight story was appropriately a Copper comic. It essentially began my career in comics, allowing me to travel the world to places like Italy and Japan [and Alaska!!] to promote the medium. And yet, the comic that started all this has been collecting dust for a year now”

– Kazu Kibuishi [from his boltcity blog]

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