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Robot Zombies – Page 5

Friday, October 31st 2008 by Pat

… and that, Ms. Borthwick, is why
I didn’t finish my math homework.

These five mini pages are the most ambitious comic challenge I’ve undertaken. They aren’t much considering what others routinely accomplish in a week but I’m happy because it feels like I turned a corner or leveled up or got another heart container.

It wasn’t the best week of my life for time management but I managed to duck, dodge and repel all the rotten pumpkins life was chucking at me. I’m still painfully slow at drawing and painting but I can feel that the class I’ve been taking has helped. I got started by sketching a couple photo references and then filling in the line art with “paint.” It was much harder to paint this scene than the others because everything was more visible and less silhouetted. I still had to rely on some funky lighting tricks in the end to get the page elements feeling like they were part of the same scene.

Here’s a little glimpse into the process on today’s comic:

If anyone is interested I’ll probably collect these pages into a mini comic or small poster print sometime after I recover from my candy corn hangover.

Have a Happy Halloween!

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