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High Winds

Saturday, November 15th 2008 by Pat

I was supposed to jet up to Fairbanks on Friday afternoon but high winds fenced me in.

Missing the flight gave me a few extra hours to dig into my project for art class. I have a lot of travel ahead of me so I’ll probably end up failing the class based on my attendance but I really like the project and intend to complete it on the road.

It’s a story of a boy and his mother living in a city which has been half-submerged by a rising ocean. It’s told on seven 12″ x 12″ panels and I was originally going to try for a pen and ink look with some light water colors but I think it may change as I proceed.

A couple of the scenes have involved tricky perspective grids. I might be over complicating the process but when I tried to eyeball it I ran into problems with where to plant buildings and how to determine the water level so I busted out my copy of “Perspective! for Comic Book Artists” by David Chelsea.

“Perspective!” is a great visual reference and it’s really helped me get a grip on creating a more realistic space to draw within. The image above probably looks like something from a Tron game to the untrained eye but I see a flooded city fading into the horizon and a tiny row boat drifting over the rooftops.

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