Alaska Robotics

Cold Snap

Monday, November 17th 2008 by Pat

Fairbanks is cold. The COYA Steering Committee Meeting is going well and I can’t talk too much about the delegate selection process until later this week but I know most of the Juneau delegates pretty well and I think it’s going to be a phenomenal group.

I was slightly disheartened by attendance at the Forum of Young Alaskans in October. It wasn’t horrible but it could have been better. The smaller pool of applicants for COYA was another boot to the junk after having put so much time into visiting classrooms and organizations. I thought that during such a lively election cycle people might take a little more interest… wrongo.

This weekend has eradicated all that drag and I’m feeling good about the process again. The conference delegates are going to be strong and we may have some concrete goals developing for how to continue the project.

The comic this week is for Lee and Zaz. Lee is my roommate and fellow steering committee member, he’s a great guy and Zaz is his sassy not-girlfriend who cracks me up. It was fun getting to know them both better this trip.

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