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Our Search Terms for 2008

Wednesday, January 21st 2009 by Lou

What are people searching for when they find themselves at Alaska Robotics?

5. fetish comic
9. humons
20. sarah palin is awesome
70. nipple
115. brainworms
137. knuckle hair
143. snarfl
145. thousandaire
245. in the pooper
343. what if i was a robot
395. comics, wholesome
423. monkey hand
550. animated unicorns that you can copy on a web site
566. palin working it animation
589. hobo season
620. aliens examining humans anal probe
742. my kittens are staggering like drunk?
802. sno-bo
915. how to draw a graffiti turtle
927. how long can you freeze a scorpion for

As an added bonus, we are the first result in Google Image Search for knuckle hair.

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