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Monday, January 26th 2009 by Pat


I’m like a ragamuffin street urchin gazing into a warm bakery. I’ve busted hump to find and create filmmaking opportunities here in Alaska but they’re few and far between. I wish wish wish we had something like The National Film Board of Canada. The Film Board encourages and supports Canadian artists who share stories, explore social issues, and preserve their culture through film. It’s like National Public Radio, except they’re making movies — which is infinitely more appealing to me!

To celebrate their 70th anniversary, the NFB put 700 films into an online, public screening room. I immediately searched for a film Joel Bennett shared with me and to my great delight, it was included in the collection.

Nahanni is a film that sticks to your ribs. It’s shot well enough but the real meat of the film is in the unbreakable spirit of Albert Faille, a man who carries himself forward beyond reason and without hesitation. He knows his purpose, he knows his goal, he knows his heart and he is undeterred by any force.

This film gets me in the gut.

Note to Bob: Let’s go check out that waterfall!!!

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