Alaska Robotics

The Watch

Monday, February 23rd 2009 by Pat


It’s sometimes very difficult to write a comic that involves fictionalized caricatures of your friends and family. I’m always a worried about stepping on toes and I feel a bit restricted in what I can do with the characters. That’s why I step outside the regular strips so often with with things like the “Robot Zombies” and “Ocean City” Illustrations, or even “Tornado Face.”

Alaska Robotics is the first regular comic strip I’ve maintained and I’m using it to reach a few (sometimes conflicting and evolving) goals. I want to learn from this process about storytelling, humor, timing, art, technology, and the human condition. The weekly strip is also my way of developing more appreciation for self-imposed deadlines and preparing for work on a graphic novel project.

I do need to figure out where the balance lies between experimentation and consistency in my work so that I’m not driving people away with my dalliances. I’m just a very tangential person. I guess that’s why Grandma Max always called me a poky little puppy.

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  1. Arlo says:

    Ah, that made me think of the best fake error message I’ve ever seen: