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Supply and Demand

Monday, April 6th 2009 by Pat

Human beings are complex and it’s not always easy to unravel the precise reasons why someone would mill around in a crowded public space with a “Free Hugs” sign. If I was a curmudgeonly old man instead of a doe eyed middle something, I would suggest that when someone gives you something for free there’s a good chance it will itch.

It should be said I don’t have anything against hugs. It’s just that I’m always leary of people with “Free Hugs” signs, it feels like they want something. It’s not money but it may be attention, favor, approval or contact. It’s a showy way of feeling like you’re doing something nice for other people. It’s easier than building a habitat for humanity or feeding the masses, a quick salve for the guilt associated with being human.

“Free Hugs” are also an excellent parallel that allow me to think more critically about freeconomy mediums like comics, films, and news.

So.. yeah.. here’s your free comic. Hope it doesn’t itch.

4 Responses to “Supply and Demand”

  1. Needsnaming says:

    You have given me the idea… the idea that I should charge for hugs. sign : “Hugs – $1” I wonder how much I could make? are people willing to pay $5? maybe even $10? I could be rich beyond my wildest dreams!

  2. Needsnaming says:

    scratch that I’m retarded and should have read your comic before posting…

  3. Arlo says:

    I thought all those “Free Hugs” sign holders were pickpockets…

  4. Pat says:


    It’s all about diversification, Robert Khoo suggests that no single income source should be greater than 30% of your total profits. You don’t want to be out on the street if pickpocketing drys up.

    Other ways to make money from free hugs include merchandising, advertising, and speaking fees.