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Fatty Fat Fat

Monday, April 20th 2009 by Pat

manorexicThe comic this week was based on a conversation I had with Gage Choat, it’s a groaner but it was outrageously funny at the time… probably because I was light headed from trying to starve myself.

Fasting always seems like such an attractive method of weight loss but it never works for me, I like food too much. I think if I have an eating disorder it must be the inability to accurately tabulate pizza slices.

People have a lot of interesting ways of avoiding food. Have you heard of breatharianism? These guys live off sunlight and water, although, they occasionally get caught coming out of the 7/11 with a hot dog.

Also, sorry for posting late today. I got caught up in all the feet stomping this weekend.

2 Responses to “Fatty Fat Fat”

  1. Alli says:

    That comic does not need a disclaimer because it is HILARIOUS.
    Thank you.