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Global Hamdemic

Thursday, April 30th 2009 by Pat

hamdemoniumThere’s nothing like a good plague to jump start the economy. Of course my dad thinks this pork flavored pandemic is just a media scare tactic the beef industry cooked up to boost sales.

It actually kind of makes sense doesn’t it? The beef industry whips up a swine flu threat to suppress the pig farmers after the big success with the bird flu spook. It’s all about market share and with poultry and pork out of the picture it looks like hamburger will be big on the menu for all the summer grillers.

I can’t blame the cattle crowd, it’s just retaliation. Pork and poultry started this war when they first teamed up on the mad cow media campaign. They had it sweet for a couple years after the big scare but you can’t keep a good cowboy down, especially when they’ve got the dairy farmers on their side.

No one screws with Beef, it’s what’s for dinner.

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