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Monday, May 11th 2009 by Pat

Mega Man - The Blue Bomber
I don’t know if the comic makes any sense but I had a great time drawing Mega Man and digging through memories.

When I was in college, my girlfriend gave me her copy of Mega Man 2. It was one of the best gifts ever because, up until then, I always thought having a girlfriend would necessitate more illusion and trickery. I didn’t want girls to find out how much I liked games or computers or comic books because I figured it would be an instant flat tire for a relationship. When she gave me the game, her copy of the game, she gave me a license to be myself.

I owned a few other Mega Man games when I was in grade school and just recently picked up the console version of Mega Man 9. It’s excellent, a completely new game that follows the 8-bit design aesthetic and play style of the originals. It makes me hopeful that more of the successful franchises will take the time to return to their roots. I’d love to see Zelda or Mario in 8-bit remakes.

If you want to relive Mega Man 2 without jumping into the game, check out this music video:

Now, if you read all this and still didn’t find anything entertaining, here’s your reward at my expense.

We had a super hero party in our apartment a few years ago and everyone came in different costumes. Apparently the photos we posted from the party spilled out onto the wide world of the internet because when I was searching for reference images, I kept coming across pictures of me… dressed as Mega Man… accompanied by comments like “Jeez… this makes me want to stick a spork in my eye…”

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