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Experimental Beard Radio

Wednesday, May 20th 2009 by Pat


Aaron is leaning towards participating in the “Alaskan Whaler” category and I’ll probably enter the “Slightly Puffy Yet Not So Terribly Impressive” category.

Here’s some of the audio we picked up today. I call it experimental radio because it’s less about beards and more about bagels.

Tuesday morning chatter, bagels and the crappy font game.

What questions should we ask about beards?

Interview with Judy at the information desk.

Fun Fact #1

The sad man with a moustache.

Security guards have things under control.

The general arrives.

Why does it sound rehearsed?

Aaron Sleepy

3 Responses to “Experimental Beard Radio”

  1. H.B. says:

    Very impressive!

  2. Sinistar says:

    Godspeed to all of you in your noble work this week. You shall be missed but I expect you to bring back many magnificent tales filled with romance, drama, suspense and facial hair. Best of luck…

  3. Jizo Sama says:

    Please keep posting audio diaries! These are highly entertaining! Of course, I listen to local listener-supported radio in Milwaukee, the Mighty WMSE, and am used to adolescent banter. Thanks for the guerilla reporting. I’ll be tuning in… not in a creepy, stalkery kind of way.