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Father’s Day

Tuesday, June 23rd 2009 by Pat

Father's Day
I had an interesting childhood, largely thanks to my interesting parents. We lived next to a theatre and above a bar for the first couple years of my life.

After my sister was born we moved into our first real house, only it wasn’t a real house, it was a round water barrel with portal windows and an enormous front door decorated with Tlingit carvings and abalone inlays.

There were always strange and wonderful things appearing at the round house. We had an old fire truck, a giant piece of galvanized steel culvert, a playground built from scavenged parts, and one day a goldfish showed up.

This comic is a true story and a tribute to my dad, happy belated Father’s Day!

Apologies to regular readers, the comic came late this week because Aaron and I were hitchhiking to a wedding up near Delta Junction. We’ll share the story of the adventure and post some pictures after catching up on sleep.

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