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Rainbow Banana

Monday, August 24th 2009 by Pat


Hey! If I put different colors in that banana it’ll look like a rainbow! That’s cool. I like rainbows.

Oh wait, people are going to see it and think it has something to do with gay pride. I guess that’s ok, it’ll be known as the gay pride banana.

Uh-oh, it looks kind of phallic too. It was so innocent a second ago and now it’s become a big, gay, phallic icon.

Does that even matter? I’ll just post it without any explanation and see what people think.

They’ll judge me. People are quick to judge.

I should delete it.

No one is going to understand it, I don’t even understand it and I made it. What does that say about me? That I don’t understand myself? What if other people understand me better than I do? Are they going to think I’m bananas for gays or that I’m gay for bananas? Maybe they’ll think I’m gay for monkeys? This is horrible.

Are there gay monkeys? I bet so. Oh shit. What if people interpret this as being racist? Like a derogatory symbol for gay black people. Shit. It’ll be like that Obama monkey cartoon the guy did. I’ll get hate mail. I just thought it was a neat little banana rainbow and now it’s some kind of racist, gay, bestial, phallic symbol.

This is the most evil thing I’ve ever created.

Everyone is going to think I’m rascist and homophobic just because I drew a simple little rainbow banana. Shit. What if the act of drawing this reveals that I AM racist and homophobic? What if I do secretly harbor some hidden bestial monkey lust? What if this single icon lays the darkest parts of my soul bare for judgment? What if there’s more here I can’t even see?

I’m deleting it.

Stupid banana.

4 Responses to “Rainbow Banana”

  1. Kerry says:

    There are “gay” monkeys…Bonobos which actually copulate to stop arguments and to reaffirm their position in the group. It is something that we humans could take as an example…instead of following those stupid chimps or better yet baboons who form troops and go to war and rape each other. I don’t know why society can’t just follow a sea horse as an example instead of chimps. Sea horse dads are great. They are the ones to give “birth”…even better the penguins – dads are the ones to care for the eggs while mom goes and fattens herself up for 9 months (we’ve all seen that movie). No war, just cooperative living. Course in both cases, then mom’s aren’t as great of an example either…but you know what – females shouldn’t be the only investing in offspring. It should be a 50 50 thing. Why we are the ones to take care of the household AND offspring is just beyond me.

  2. Mike says:

    Or maybe you just bananas, Or maybe it is a bicycle helmet, or wig for a new government, Or Judges. Fish flasher now what’s that say, it does have a healthy stem.

  3. EvilMonkey says:

    Mmmmmm. That is one sweet looking big gay phallic banana. You should really lay off the herb though. Paranoia runs deep, into your big gay phallic banana it will creep.

  4. Pat Race says:

    @Kerry – Thank you for always teaching me about animals.

    @Mike – Fish flasher is a great idea!

    @EvilMonkey – No herb, just straight sleep dep.