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Rain Likely

Monday, September 7th 2009 by Pat

Rain Likely
I’m not used to this Seattle weather, it’s not like Juneau where a good rain will settle in for a week or a month. Here in the city, there’s no time for familiarity, you can hardly get your jacket on and the sun busts out again.

Comic – Rain Likely

While unpredictable, the weather has been kind, often pouring in the morning and settling into a pleasant afternoon and cool evening. I even caught some sun during the Yeah Yeah Yeahs concert.

I didn’t bring my tablet on this trip so I had to cobble together today’s comic using magic markers, a digital camera, and Aaron’s humongous laptop.

One Response to “Rain Likely”

  1. Rivergirl says:

    Nice! I wasn’t really expecting a comic this week thinking you might be too busy with checking out bands and selling t-shirts. So I am pleasantly suprised to find one today.
    I am all for comics done with magic markers, digital cameras, and giant laptops.