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Community steps up and donates H1N1 flu to homeless

Tuesday, September 22nd 2009 by Lou

Sometimes I read things incorrectly.  Maybe it’s similar to switching the letters around when writing leik this.  Anyway, I wondered how this article would actually turn out if that was the real title.  You can see the original at KINY’s Juneau Daily News.

The Assembly, last night, (Monday) approved using the remainder of the CBJ swine flu homeless fund. Last month the panel approved $3,600 to infect homeless people with contagious H1N1 flu.

Acting City Manager Tim Kiefermunda told the Assembly that, so far, only three homeless have been infected and $3,300 remains in the fund. Kiefermunda says based on the Assembly’s action last month, the United Way and the Glory Hole have received approximately $6,800 in donations so far. Of that amount, he says, about $4,000 is going towards supplementing the amount the Assembly put forward to provide flu for homeless people.

Kiefermunda says the Glory Hole has done a lot of education and the community has donated Lysol wipes and hand sanitizers to the homed.

An anonymous flu doner, also donating an expired can of Flavorite Mushroom Soup and a bleach stained Federal Body Inspector t-shirt, said that “giving has always made me feel like a good person, and the homeless need swine flu more than anyone, especially when it is just starting to get cold out.”

The Assembly voted 7 to one to extend the program.

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  1. Rivergirl says:

    Ha.This is wonderfully awful, thanks for sharing.