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Kid Tested

Tuesday, September 22nd 2009 by Pat

Kid Tested

Really? A reference to a cereal commercial from the eighties? What an easy path to scamper down.

Commercials are the cultural equivalent of cockroaches, a nuclear blast could wipe out civilization and we’d be left humming the Doublemint Gum song while we hunted mutated rodents to roast over our garbage fires.

In his essay, The Decay of Lying, Oscar Wilde says “Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life. This results not merely from Life’s imitative instinct, but from the fact that the self-conscious aim of Life is to find expression, and that Art offers it certain beautiful forms through which it may realise that energy.”

Almost the whole cultural commons of my generation is built around Saturday morning television, 8-bit video games, and movies starring Elizabeth Shue or the Coreys. It’s the language I’ve inherited and when I want to communicate, when the self-conscious need to express myself arises, I often resort to this quick and broken tongue.

If life imitates art, we need better art.

3 Responses to “Kid Tested”

  1. Meech says:

    We inherit the culture we deserve, I’m sure. Above all this philosophizin’ looms the Law of Entropy.

  2. Trina says:

    I thought of your comic when watching Kill Bill Vol. 1.