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Eva Plays Guitar, This is Her Music

Tuesday, October 6th 2009 by Pat

Last weekend I wrote my first play and created a comic book… all in 24 hours.

Daniel's Play

I began Friday night at 8pm, wrote a script until 8am Saturday and then frantically scribbled out a 24 page comic book while a director and group of actors prepared it for the stage. Sunday I slept and ate pie.

UPDATE — These files are a little wonky. Either give them time to load or right-click (ctrl-click on mac) and save to your local machine.


The 24 Hour Miracle
The Juneau-Douglas Little Theatre hosted the 24 Hour Miracle, an annual event where participants attempt to write and stage several short plays in 24 hours.

There were four groups, each with a writer, director and handful of actors. I knew some of the people in my group and others I was meeting for the first time.

Roblyn Davis was our director which was amazing luck, he’s incredibly talented and squeezed some real juice out of the script.

Many of our actors were first time performers but everyone put their heart into the performance. I was most amazed that they could learn their lines in such a short time.

We were given a theme, “Making Contact,” and we talked about it as a group for quite a while before I actually began writing. This gave me the chance to get to know the people I was working with and to begin thinking about ways to spin their personalities into a story.

I wanted this to be primarily a play for them, operating under the theory that if the actors were invested they would draw in the audience. I tried to create something with balance that could be fun but also carry emotional weight. Sometimes it even worked.

I gave all the characters a reason to live, except Eva, I wanted her to be searching for that and I wanted the story to be dark but ultimately hopeful. It’s a simple little journey from depression to realizing you’re a part of a community and that people need you and love you.


  • Eva – A depressed and nearly suicidal young woman with a gift for singing sad and disturbing songs about death. Played by Nicole Church
  • Daniel – A hopeful and thoughtful young man in a relationship with Eva. Played by Aaron O.
  • Mary – A mother of two boys, Kyle and Daniel. She resents her child monopolizing her time but when it boils down to it, he’s all she truly lives for. Played by Mie Christenson
  • Kyle – A young boy enthralled by Spiderman and adventure. Played by Aaron Lopez
  • Doris – A whiskey sipping old timer who lives for Eva’s music. Played by Sally Wilson
  • Sue – The other whiskey sipping blue hair, she lives for her friendship with Doris. Played by Kate
  • Umbrella Man, Pilots, & Convict – These characters were all just Eva’s songs about death.

24 Hour Comics Day
The 24 Hour Comics Day happened to coincide with the 24 Hour Miracle so I figured I’d just sit down and turn my script into a comic book. The first couple pages took waaaay too long to draw and didn’t really do anything for me. I eventually got up to speed and created a few panels and pages that I actually liked. Switching to smaller paper and skipping the penciling really seemed to help scoot along production.

The other illustrators at work were Melissa Griffiths, Dawson Walker, Miguel Rohrbacher, and Pete Morrissette. They all created much more polished work than I did and it was simultaneously inspiring and intimidating to work with them.

Thank You Thank You Thank You to Geoff Kirsch, Juneau Douglas Little Theatre, The Juneau Arts & Humanities Council, and whatever benevolent spirit allowed me to end the night by finding my keys.


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