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Hollywood & Alhambra

Wednesday, October 21st 2009 by Pat

The area near Grauman’s Chinese Theatre has a thick layer of commercial sludge but beneath the buses, costumed characters, and flyer flinging street hawks were wonderfully uneven bits of sidewalk where past generations of Hollywood stars left their marks in the cement.

The cracked pavement and uneven handwriting filled me with an unexpected wave of hope and adventure.

Paul Newman shared a spot with his love, JoAnne Woodward, and her orderly stiletto heel prints perfectly balance his playful and crooked bare feet.

Many people left hand prints, John Wayne pounded a single fist into the cement. It made me think of my dad.

Grauman's Chinese Theatre

After visiting Hollywood, I made my way out to Kazu and Amy‘s place in Alhambra where I cooked up a bunch of salmon and halibut. It was a really nice evening with an incredible group of people, like being at home but with less explosives and beer.

The inner courtyard at Kazu’s place had a nice little forest of giant plant jars, it felt like walking through a giant’s garden.

Jar Forest

Overall, Los Angeles has been surprisingly refreshing and the public transportation was even pretty good.

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  1. Rivergirl says:

    love the giants garden