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Friday, October 30th 2009 by Pat


This self portrait was drawn from my reflection in the window on the night train to Pasco. I want to become a better illustrator so I’ve been trying to do more drawing on this trip. I already posted a few of the more detailed sketches and here are the rest…

You Must Be Fearless!!

With that one I was trying to encourage myself to be a little more free with the ink. None of these sketches have any pencil because I’ve noticed that I rely too much on the eraser to fix my problems.

This message applies more broadly of course, maybe it should be a bigger print someday.


My buddy Wayne Leighty is Davis, CA. It looks nothing like him but it does look like a person.. I’m off to a start here.


The little Chinese tea pot at the soup house in Davis. It teamed up with hot won ton soup to cure my advancing cold.


Trying to draw all the shiny objects in Wayne & Heidi’s apartment. Heidi is creating some nice books these days and her sense of design has blossomed at school.

Dino and Whale

Whales on the mind. I’m working on a children’s book with Sarah Brooks. I love it. Seems like everyone is working on a children’s book these days, Madonna? Really?


This nice lady let me sketch her while we waited for the train to San Francisco.


More people from the train station… I had lots of time to kill.


Aaron Whitaker sat next to us at the Alternative Press Expo and had a great mini comic called “Future Ghost.” It reminded me of my Bailey Jones Comic but it was longer and told a more interesting story.


Drew these on the way to Los Angeles, they may be people on the plane or things I saw in a magazine.


I decided that if I ever get a tattoo it should just be the word “remember” on the back of my hand, that way I’ll remember things.

Alternate tattoo plans include a yellow Woodstock bird, an anchor, or a life ring. It probably won’t ever happen unless I get loaded on tequila… and that neeeeever happens.


Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson were posing outside the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Marilyn was sour and beautiful in a way that made me kind of sad and M.J. spoke with an accent I couldn’t place. We talked about brush pens and tablet computers.


A park in Portland somewhere near warm squash soup and the best Darth Vader costume in the world.


This Portland street musician reminded me of Little Boy Blue from the Fables comics and made me wish I was a bad ass trumpet player.


Visiting my sister in Pasco we had some drawing time. I asked Brooklyn, my oldest niece what her favorite animal was and she said dinosaur. I guess we’re related.


Kylie, the new baby in the family, she’s adorable.

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  1. Apayo says:

    Why is it that in self portraits, people don’t smile? Hmm… :)