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Faces of Aces

Wednesday, February 10th 2010 by Pat

Alaska’s economy is often described as a three legged stool, the squeaky leg is petroleum.

What bothers me most about the “Faces of Aces” commercial is that it isn’t just a corporate message speaking to the public, it’s meant to speak for the public. This is the oil industry putting on a clever mask and pretending to be a concerned citizen.

I remember the last time major players in the petroleum industry tried to rewrite tax law, they were caught bribing a good chunk of the legislature. After that, the new tax, ACES, wasn’t quite what they wanted. Never mind that they’re still raking in billions in profit, the big oil companies are standing out on the corner ringing their bells.

The oil and gas taxes are a tough balance and a far more complicated nest than I can understand. I’m just happy that the group funding the “Faces of Aces” advertisement is called “The Alliance.” Their logo is a chain. It just automatically makes them the bad guys, right?

If you need more context for this short bit of satire, please read Krestia’s article at the Anchorage Press – “For whom the bell tolls.”

If you’re interested in Alaska politics you might want to watch some of our other political satire pieces from the past few years.

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