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Wedding Invitation

Wednesday, February 10th 2010 by Pat

I generally don’t do a lot of illustration work for hire, I’m too slow and I’d rather spend time drawing comics. I also have an innate fear of the word “wedding” so I don’t really know how this project came to fruition at all but when Nick and Jenny asked me to do their wedding invitations I couldn’t turn them down.

I think it had something to do with the use of the words like “viking” and “starfish” in their description of the project. I was already on board when Nick told me about Le Tigre, a midget in a tiger suit.

Congratulations to Nick and Jenny, I wish you many happy years ahead.

Here’s a larger version.

2 Responses to “Wedding Invitation”

  1. Tim says:

    Perfect post thankyou, made for some brilliant night-time reading! Tim

  2. Walker says:

    freakin’ epic.