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Monday, March 29th 2010 by Pat

This made my day. It’s a picture of Joel David Moore mimicking one of our comics, you might recognize him as Norm Spellman from Avatar.

A couple weeks ago I received an email from Yolanda Holly, the President and CEO of the Medi-Rub Corporation. She saw the the comic I made about our crew’s soul hollowing experience at the public market annex and noticed a thinly veiled reference to her product.

I was worried she might be writing to threaten legal action but it turns out she has a great sense of humor and went out of her way to snap this great picture at a GBK Productions event the night before the Oscars.

Pat, I am amused by your colorful nature and your humor in which you have chosen to portray the Medi-Rub Massager. Your drawing was brought to my attention by our Alaskan Distributors. I appreciate your support in helping them succeed as they are hard working people, doctors, nurses, physical therapists, etc. You are very creative and an independent movie producer. This may give you a giggle.

Thanks to everyone involved – The Alaskan Distributors who snitched on me, Yolanda who found humor in my work, and to a gracious Joel David Moore for posing in the photo.

I wish more companies acted this way.

17 Responses to “Cool.”

  1. glen says:

    that’s really funny.

  2. J Adams says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Ms, Holly some time ago, and I want you to know that of all casual business acquaintances over the many years, she made an incredible impression on me. She is truly a very fine lady and I am not a bit surprised of her response to your cute cartoon.

  3. Thank you Mr. Adams. I am very flattered. I wish I could recall our meeting. Nevertheless,
    I am happy to have met you.
    Yolanda Holly

  4. Andy Kazmierczak says:

    I have a pleasure to know Ms. Holly for a long time. I met her at the AAOS (American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons) show on the East Coast. She is an excellent marketing wizard with many talents of presenting products and ideas in a very interesting, attention catching way. She is also a strong business leader with the great sense of humor. She always finds something interesting, positive and funny in the things and situations that surround us. I’m not surprised that she got involved in this funny, artistic and innovative expression.

  5. Yolanda is always surrounded by celebrities, but the real celebrity is her. She is a truly admirable woman, so dedicated and passionate about everything she does, that is the reason why she is so successful. She is a wonderful person, so giving and always helping others, she deserves nothing but the best in return. The world needs more people like Yolanda. She is an example to follow and a great inspiration to a lot of us that have the great pleasure of knowing her.

  6. Bill Koelzer says:

    Yolanda might as well walk on water and demonstrate to us all the angel that she really is. She has contributed hugely to the lives of my wife, realty broker Debbie Ferrari, and I and she has done the same for many others in her life. If all the people whom she has touched with her goodness were to come here and post something good about her, it would crash the servers for this web site. We just love Yolanda Holly, her products (which we use nightly for massage), and her winning, giving, loving, caring, sharing way. Surely God has set aside a high place for Yolanda—this extraordinary business owner/founder of Medi-Rub Massagers—in his heavenly domain labeled, “Only the EXTRA-GOOD people”.

    • Dear Bill,
      I just read your comment. My goodness. How can I possibly live up to that? Although I must agree with you. It takes a great deal of dedication and very hard work to succeed Globally as I have. Thank you America for giving me the opportunity. Thank you Bill for your support.
      Just look at them in the eye and smile.

  7. Alina Rosiak says:

    I agree with Bill. I’ve know Yolanda since she was 17 and even though we have not stayed in touch on regular basis, she has always been kind, supportive, and a very honest friend. I just think the world of her and and privileged to know her. She so much fun to be with and has a great sense of adventure. YOLANDA… YOU ROCK!

  8. Eric Lenning says:

    I have known Yolanda for a good 15 years now and used to print her massager packaging. She’s always had a warm and welcoming presence about her and is generous to a fault. Yolanda defines ‘extrovert’ and while gregarious, also has a sharp mind for business. I have never been bored working with Yolanda and am often surprised at how deftly she can navigate difficult situations. If ever you get a chance to meet her, you may just come away loving life a little bit more than before.

    • Dear Erick, I miss our time together. You have thought me so much and I enjoyed our conversations. Thank you for being there for me through the rough times. You are a true friend. Let’s laugh together again, soon.

  9. Brad Park says:

    I think such creative usage on medi-rub massager should be protected by Patent….haha

  10. Laura Albert says:

    We love Yolanda and her fabulous Medi Rub Massager!
    I have this product and use it on a regular basis for sure. My kids are both Athletes and are often in need of a massage for one sore body part or another! We have used it as a bribe to get them to do there chores or finish up homework and it works better then any other bribe! Haha! really they will do just about anything for a 10 minute massage. I feel good about this too because they really work hard and deserve this little treat! I love to hear the ooos and awwws coming from them, it cracks me up. So thank you Yolanda and Medi Rub for a healthy approach to bribery :)

  11. Virginia van Rookhuyzen says:

    My dear friend, Yolanda Holly, introduced me to her wonderful Medi-Rub products some time ago and as an owner of both the foot and the hand held massagesr, I have found they may be used very creatively.

    Having endured a serious head injury in 2007, which left me with a cracked lower left quadrant of my skull, I will often use the hand held massager depicted in the cartoon, and apply one of the cushioned corners to the injured area. It’s wonderful the way this stimulates blood flow to the area and relaxes my neck.

    And yes, I have on occasion placed the hand held Medi-Rub Massager on my head!

  12. George Mohr says:

    as an old “European ” friend I read with pleasure above article,

    the news is also read in Europe , many miles away from California, may good bless you Yolanda , keep on your positive spirit/ positive attitude towards live

  13. john curtis says:

    Yolanda is simply a very Classy , Creative , Fun to be with , Woman….One of a kind….Gift to all those around her. I got a medi-rub for my birthday years ago

  14. sean says:

    Yolanda is a very generous and human person. Very professional and hard working person. She,s the best in the west, and the East too.