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Mt. Tabor

Monday, April 12th 2010 by Pat

Yesterday I went running up the winding trails of Mt. Tabor in Portland. I put in several miles and was just about to head down when I saw a sign labeled “Volcano.”

The sign could have read “Tsunami” or “It’s a Trap,” and I would have followed it. I’m curious.

I ran up to the top of a giant hill and when I got there… nothing.

Disappointed, I turned to go and all my senses were hit at once. The rushing wall of heat from the pyroclastic flow, the sweet sulfuric ruin of magma, the distant drumming and countless hipsters screaming to their fell gods.

Volcanos. This is why I love Portland.

3 Responses to “Mt. Tabor”

  1. Sarah says:

    Love the style. It’s inspiring to see the progression of your drawing skills! xoxo

  2. Greg Chaney says:

    This looks like it’s one step away from animation. Very cool. I like the way the character looks at the girl running by while she ignores him. How true to life!

  3. Theresa Miller says:

    I love this illustration. I can really feel your heart beating and your breath heaving as you chug up the hill.

    Having lived in Portland, I have many fond memories of playing at Mt. Tabor. I chuckled at your discovery of the “volcano” sign. What’s really amazing, is if you see early pictures of Portland in the mid 1800’s there is nothing but tree stumps as far as the eye can see. In fact there were so many trees cut down, it was called Stump City. Isn’t it wonderful that places like Mt. Tabor are tiny oasis of greenery.