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Spring Cleaning

Tuesday, May 4th 2010 by Pat

Hello world.

We’re doing some website spring cleaning over the next week or two, maybe you have some suggestions?

We’re looking for functional fixes, ideas about delivery. Can you find what you’re looking for when you get here? How do you get updates about the site? Facebook, Email, RSS, Carrier Pigeon?

Did you ever use the old bbPress forum? Would you like to see relevant comments preserved and migrated to WordPress?

What do you like about the site? What sucks?

I think of the website as an envelope, I want it to be functional and I want it to look presentable but mostly it just needs to be a good container for the comics and films stuffed inside. If you can’t get past the packaging we’re doing something wrong.

2 Responses to “Spring Cleaning”

  1. cw says:

    Re-encode your videos in h.264 and set them up so they can be streamed on mobile devices!

  2. Arlo says:

    To be honest, I don’t see all that much that you need to improve on. A cursory browse around the site is enough to figure out how everything works. I never really liked the bulletin board for leaving comments — always forgot my password — so it would be nice to see that go. And yeah, I suppose you could re-encode the videos, but I’ve never thought twice about using the Flash player. (Which does suck on my iPhone, but whatever. That can be solved with a direct download link to an h.264 file, if you want to do that.)

    A couple other things:

    There’s a lot of blank space in that banner graphic. You could bring all the content a little closer to the top of the page by incorporating your page links and title into it.

    “Log Book” fits your theme, but consider changing the link to a more intuitive “Blog.”

    Stepping through your videos one at a time is a bit frustrating. Consider an “archive” list of some sort on the same page (perhaps below the video “browser?”)

    I think the comics archive page is perfect. Crew page is also good.

    I’m not going to evaluate the Shop. :)

    I subscribe to the site via RSS, for what it’s worth. Find having to click through on the comics is slightly annoying (Something to consider: Why? Are there going to be ads on the site? Are pageviews important to you?) but it’s not really a big deal.