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In the Trenches with Mike Hunt

Sunday, July 25th 2010 by Pat

I’ve been meaning to post this for a long time. Maybe I did post it, years ago. The future is the past. Regardless, it’s worth sharing again.

The Alaska Public Radio Network ran a show back in 2007 called “AK: In the Trenches,” and it featured a story on retired airman, Col. Howard “Mike” Hunt. I cut together all the good bits.


The original show can be caught here, it’s better listening to the whole thing but we’re busy people in busy times and we have to get back to our twitters and emails.

AK was a good radio show, the “This American Life” of Alaska, I’m sad that it’s over and hope it gets revived someday. I don’t know if Rebecca Sheir was in on the joke but I have to hope so given the episode’s title.

The Fairbanks News Miner also ran a story on the guy. He’s apparently a total badass and I have to believe he finds as much humor in all this as I do — otherwise I’m a douchebag making fun of an 88 year old war hero’s name.

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