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Ted Stevens

Tuesday, August 10th 2010 by Pat

Ted Stevens is gone. My condolences to his family and to the families of the other passengers on his flight.

It’s a strange feeling to lose such an iconic Alaskan. A tragedy for certain but I’d like to think that for Stevens this was the kind of ending he wanted. Tough sons of bitches generally don’t like dying of old age and Stevens was just that. He lived a full life punctuated by a plane crash in remote Alaska and, in my eyes, that beats withering away in a nursing home.

As a politician, Stevens sometimes played the hero and sometimes played the villain. He was a force of nature. The Incredible Hulk.

An occasional satirist, I couldn’t help taking a few jabs at Stevens but in the end he grew on me. I listened to his part in the corrupt bastards case and decided, “Damnit. I like Ted Stevens.” I didn’t want to like him but I couldn’t help it, he sounded like a good guy.

A couple weeks after I shared my thoughts on the case, an envelope arrived. Stevens had found what I wrote and scrawled out a hand written thank you note. Class act.

Alaska will miss you Ted Stevens, you were a provider. Hope you didn’t mind the zombie animation. I had to.

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