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Poul Jensen’s Time Lapse Photography

Tuesday, August 17th 2010 by Pat

Poul Jensen, a midfielder for the Rusty Buffalo and Space Physics grad student in Fairbanks, shared some of his time lapse footage with me this weekend.

This collection of his older work hints at the skill and thoughtful subject matter found in his latest pieces, to see those you’ll have to track down Poul and his Zombie defibrillating laptop.

6 Responses to “Poul Jensen’s Time Lapse Photography”

  1. Absolutely stunning! I love seeing the beauty of Alaska through your travels and experiences. I know this wasn’t done by you, but through your website I have seen a lot of beautiful things about Alaska and one day hope to visit!

  2. The girl devouring a cookie underneath her deski says:

    Just so you know you actually completely turned my day around. I’d actually been thinking to myself in the morning when my day was just starting to turn miserable “Wow I really just wish I had someone to whine to who would be empathatic and bring me something delicious of their own accord.” So that was unbelievably perfect. Even your timing was almost eerily perfect (I went on an errand to escape some guy who was yelling at me for not having his phones activated at 3:30 when he’d told me was coming in at five to pick them up). So thank you again! It’s amazing the impact a cute smile and half a cookie can make :)
    P.S. I now officially have a new dishwasher and my apartment is gradually becoming more and more unrecognizable

    • Pat says:

      Nice, I’m glad the other half of my peanut butter cookie found a good home.

      • :) says:

        Indeed, and in the future feel free to bear in mind my tummy is more than happy to provide safe warm lodging for *any* orphaned foods.
        I think the ratio of comments I leave for you versus comments I leave for your posts is amusingly disproportionate.

  3. Rafi Dwahli says:

    Yes. This is excellent work. I love the view of the mountains. I do not know how exactly you are doing this? What is the technique. I want to take some
    Las Vegas Photography shots with the same time-lapse. Any help?