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Star Wars Editorial Cartoons

Thursday, September 2nd 2010 by Pat

While I’m on a Star Wars kick…

Mike Krahulik over at Penny Arcade added to his collection of Star Wars editorial cartoons last week.

I love his work but it’s very rebel alliance and I thought I should speak up for the hard working men and women of the Empire…

I like the idea of looking at the Star Wars galaxy from the eyes of a good imperial citizen. A galaxy upsidedown where ewoks are terrorists, the Jedi are religious extremists, and the one man trying to bring justice to the galaxy is the good Emperor, a man who won’t let anything stop him on his quest for peace.

Dude, I heard Darth Vader went to school at the Jedi Academy, aren’t we supposed to be fighting the Jedi? Isn’t that the same religion that flew X-Wing fighters into the Death Star and killed 37 million people? Vader doesn’t even have a birth certificate, how is he commander-in-chief of the galactic army? This body armor sucks against lasers.

5 Responses to “Star Wars Editorial Cartoons”

  1. Aaron Lopez says:

    You had me until the Ewoks=Terrorists part, that’s just plan wrong.

  2. Anime Maniac says:

    Grea t cartoon blog man

  3. RR Anderson says:

    If these were real, we may still be living under the empire.

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