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The Best Beards and Moustaches in the World

Monday, November 15th 2010 by Pat

We picked up a ton of footage when we attended the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Anchorage last year and always intended to cut together a few mini-docs with what we captured. This new one is a collection of some of the better portraits and closeups.

There were a few rounds of competition that we lost to a defective memory card as explained in the Alaskan Whaler mini-doc. Too bad. I wish we’d come home with more mutton chop.

There were several other film crews at the event and I’ve just seen a little of their footage so far. The trailer for “Beardo,” stands out as looking well crafted and I can’t wait to see if Aaron turns up in their feature.

Also, on a sadder, but equally bearded note, news came to us via Jamie Karnik that a man was forced to eat his own beard. Oh the humanity!

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