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Life Drawing

Friday, December 24th 2010 by Pat

I thought I’d share some sketches from our drawing nights at the Rookery. We’re taking a break next week but should be back at it again in January. If anyone is interested in drawing or modeling just get in touch with me.

My dad was the model a few weeks ago, It’s amazing how even a familiar face can reveal new character when you study it more closely.

We do a lot of short gesture sketches of one or two minutes, it helps loosen up and allows the models to try more dynamic poses.

Dad spent most of the time crocheting and drawing us as we worked on sketching him.

He’s a mason.

I wasn’t able to translate my friend Sarah’s likeness to paper very well but I did like the way her sketches turned out. It’s like I was drawing someone else entirely.

This one has good body language but again I failed to make it look much like her.

Good depth on the legs, time to give up on getting her face right.

Marissa was a great model, she had all kinds of dance poses for us to work on and kept me laughing the entire time.

Such a poetic face.

Phil was a creative model, he went totally hat crazy. Don’t mess with El-Loco.

Schmumpy Phil, he gets this way sometimes.

This last one was just floating around my desk on the back of a receipt. I think it was left over from when Dave Pichard and Naomi Hooley played at the Canvas.

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