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Emerald City Comic Con – Ultimate Space Needle!

Tuesday, March 1st 2011 by Pat

I love Emerald City Comic Con. If you’re attending this year, you can find me and Aaron at booth 906, we’re the guys with the red beards selling unicorn shirts and origami and maybe even some comics.

If you’ve attended ECCC before, you know everyone draws awesome custom art of heroes kicking ass and babes posing in front of the Space Needle.

The one constant… Space Needle. In fact, I don’t think anyone even cares about the other characters in these compositions.

It’s time to give the people what they want, more Space Needle, and that’s why I’m throwing my space hat in the space ring with a print I call “The Space Needle vs. The Space Needle in front of The Space Needle.” Actually, that’s too long, let’s just call it, “Ultimate Space Needle!”

I might also bring a few of the roots prints which tell the secret origin of the Space Needle.

2 Responses to “Emerald City Comic Con – Ultimate Space Needle!”

  1. Mike says:

    Very clever

  2. RR Anderson says:

    if you see a table with dudes wearing fez you found the CLAW!