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I cried again today.

Thursday, June 9th 2011 by Pat

I think I may be emotionally unstable.. maybe it’s more accurate to say that I’ve been receptive to emotion because unstable has negative connotations. Whatever is happening to me, it sure involves a lot of crying.

Today a woman stopped by our office with a giant box of comics to donate. Her son, Daniel, was in my high school class and they both attended several of our film workshops and festivals over the years. Recently Daniel passed away, he had been carrying around a giant tumor in his gut.

I wasn’t a close friend but I liked Daniel an awful lot, he was one of those kids that just didn’t fit in and everyone loved him or hated him for it. I remember one of the guys on the basketball team constantly antagonized him, they drove each other batty but watching them over time you could see that it was a curmudgeonly sort of grumpy love. They got a lot out of humor and contact out of the sometimes gruff teasing and annoyance.

I thought about Daniel for a bit as I was tearing into the box of comics but at this point I was honestly getting swept up in the discovery of new treasure. What was in the box? Did it have value? Oh boy oh boy oh boy.. new comics!

When I opened the lid, a Superman comic was on the top of the pile and it broke my heart in all the right places.

To all my friends and family, I love you. I know we have a limited time together but it’s just been the best!

2 Responses to “I cried again today.”

  1. Pops. says:

    Parallel universe, fractals, and water. Charity lives on for ever paying forward through hearts and minds. Friends and tears are good. Love Pops!

  2. Lee says:

    That’s the saddest thing. Thanks for sharing.