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Lin-Manuel Miranda Kills on Alex Hamilton

Thursday, June 16th 2011 by Pat

I don’t post this lightly, this piece of verse is a cultural touchstone. It is your duty to view this performance.

4 Responses to “Lin-Manuel Miranda Kills on Alex Hamilton”

  1. Clint says:

    That is freakin’ awesome. I’m inspired to write a hip hop epic about Alaska’s statehood:
    You put up these traps man
    You seattle based cats man
    You ruin the waters and
    Threaten to build dams and
    You underestimate the local
    Who you thinks is a yokel
    But the traps were the focus man
    Of a new line of discussion
    To take matters in our own hand man
    And make a state of the new land and
    To take the colonists to task and
    make a state of Alaskans…

    • Pat Race says:


      Time to reboot our group for writing
      I’ve been traveling and robot fighting
      but I’m back down to earth
      and down to birth
      some words
      with my fellow nerds, for sure!

  2. Wonderful performance! He is one of the most talented person I have ever seen. Not only can he act, dance and sing but he can also compose and write songs. He is definitely a TOTAL PERFORMER! Anyone else could come up on stage and perform that song but I’m sure he would not even come close to how Lin did it. Five-star performance!

  3. Rebecca Rivera says:

    hey thanks for sharing that :)