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Comic Con 5K

Monday, September 26th 2011 by Pat

What I’d like to propose, and maybe it’s already happening, is a 5k run some time during San Diego Comic Con. Maybe Thursday or Saturday evening after the hall closes.

I exhibited in San Diego for the first time last year and had a blast. Spaghetti with the Flight gang, burritos with Vera, gin with Gene, pizza and beer with Marian, Cajun with Stepto… it goes on a bit. I even brought some smoked salmon from home to share and mixed it with not-low-fat cream cheese to make a delicious spread. Yum!

I like food, I like comics, but after sitting in a booth for five days and spending all the rest of my time hogging down meals and drinks with friends, I was feeling pretty tubby.

Rather than trying to figure out when and where to exercise on my lonesome, I was thinking next year it might be more fun and exciting to get a bunch of comic creators and fans together one evening for something healthy. An event where we’re encouraging each other to get some exercise and generally promoting geek health. Running always clears the head and it could be a nice aside from the long days of sitting and eating.

So how does this happen? Well.. If it’s left up to me then we’re just going to pick a spot to start and finish and go. Of course, I’m totally willing to hand it off. Maybe you’re in the San Diego area and want to take over organizing something more official with a local running club? Please do!

Or maybe you’re DC and Marvel and you want to get together and make this thing an event. How about a Flash or Juggernaut mini-comic to everyone who finishes?

Eh? Eh? Whaddyathink? Nudge nudge. Dooooooo it!

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