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Gingerbread Hoth

Wednesday, December 14th 2011 by Pat

I made some gingerbread last night with Marian and our friend Tara.

Marian wanted to do a Hoth scene which I thought was great.. so I stole the idea and got to work.

My AT-AT fell over and my landscaping sucked but I think the mini-figures pulled it all together.

Here’s the micro AT-AT. It’s the best little imperial stomper thing ever. Stomp stomp stomp.

Tara made Baba Yaga’s chicken hut, note the chicken feet and trails of candy to lure in plump Russian children.

Marian made the best Trogdor cookie ever, complete with consummate v’s.

We’re supposed to light the village on fire tonight, maybe I’ll get another picture.

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