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Valentine’s Day

Wednesday, February 8th 2012 by Pat

The most awkward, mushy holiday of them all is right around the corner. Valentine’s Day. Bah Humbug.

I do love the pageantry of it though… Decorated shoe boxes taped to the door of a classroom and butterflies doing aerobatics in every kid’s stomach. Students starting the day by boiling down huge hopes and dreams and the deepest, most secret passions into a thick stock and pouring everything into a few words on the back of a flimsy Scooby-doo greeting card.

The holiday gives kids and adults a chance to play at love by carefully selecting just the right micro-sentiment printed in a card or engraved on a chalky candy heart.

It’s fun, nerve wracking, and dangerous. A day to pay allegiance, embrace passion, and neglect your own healthy doubts.

A day to learn that when those butterflies in your stomach escape they often look more like rivers of industrial chocolate mixed with caramel and scrambled eggs.

Ok, I’m getting carried away. Valentine’s Day isn’t that bad. It’s nice that we have a holiday built around the concept of love.. but do we really need so much pink?

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