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Commemorative Bear Prints

Monday, May 7th 2012 by Pat

If anyone likes the bear illustration I did for the opening, it’s available as a Limited Edition Giclée Print signed by me, Lou, and Aaron. This is a big deal, items signed by Aaron Suring are impossible to find on eBay these days.

What other words can I add while I’m in huckster mode? Commemorative! It’s a Limited Edition Commemorative Special Triple Signature Giclée Print.. and like those plates, these prints are virtually guaranteed to go up with value. There are only thirty-two copies in existence. Thirty-two.

Thirty-two is a number with no particular significance to me and, quite frankly, a print run of thirty-two sets off all my twitchy OCD alarms but that’s how many we made. I should probably gin-up some justification for making thirty-two prints to calm my inner numerical anxiety. Ahh.. yes, thirty-two is the ASCII code for “space” and this is the print commemorating the opening of our new space.. therefore, thirty-two. Excellent. I feel better. Now go buy a print!

Speaking of prints, a big thanks to Lemon Creek Digital for turning the order around so quickly and for rolling out all of our fancy-pants giclée prints right here in Juneau. David Riccio is the man.

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